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How to impress an M&M Global Awards 2015 judge

09 June 2015
How to impress an M&M Global Awards 2015 judge

Leopoldo Frederic, analytics and insight director for MEC in Argentina, and a judge at the M&M Global Awards 2015, outlines his ideal media awards case study.

What are you hoping to see from the submissions to this year’s M&M Awards?

Four things, I would say. Storytelling; meaningful insights; innovation when it comes to ideas and strategic approach; results, proving a real impact on behaviour.

What makes the ideal media awards case study today?

OEP (owned, earned, paid) media integration and content generation becomes mandatory. But it will really only make a difference if the four pillars mentioned above are accomplished.

Do you think the overall standard of international advertising is getting better or worse?

Advertising is about ideas, creative ways to tell brand stories and engage consumers. It’s hard to say if the ideas are getting better or worse, but I believe advertising is evolving when it comes to integration (ideas that live naturally across media versus adaptation), but isn’t thriving in delivering on relevant consumer insights.

What are the most important trends you are seeing, on a LatAm level and globally?

Social media content and digital content will take the lead. Also of course, the rise of mobility, not just in a fast growing region as LatAm, but globally.

Our offer in MEC is based on a genuine understanding of a consumer’s behaviour with mobile devices, how they make brand decisions while on the move, and then marketing to that audience. Mobility is not just about display advertising, it’s about brands providing a utility to the consumer in the precise moment they need it.

How do you predict the industry will change over the coming year or two?

Digital has transformed the way consumers explore, discover, buy and engage with brands, as well as with each other. In that sense, the biggest challenge today is staying ahead of technology and the consumers’ rapidly changing expectations.

Real time marketing will definitely be the new name of the game and at MEC we are already working on unlocking data to discover insights, that can help our clients grow their business in this changed media landscape.

In this new digital enabled world, talent and culture needs to evolve. To futureproof MEC and to continue to grow our clients’ businesses, we have to take in fresh eyes and different experiences. MEC has a talent manifesto which encourages each employee to thrive within the context of work.

We want to encourage innovation and a culture where people feel there are no barriers to reaching their potential. The growth and development of employees is the single most important ingredient in the future success of this business.

The final deadline for M&M Global Awards 2015 submissions is Friday 12 June. For any further details please contact our awards director Danielle Redwood at, or visit our new awards website


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