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FullSix: International Partners’ Meeting, Lisbon

29 September 2011
FullSix: International Partners’ Meeting, Lisbon
Anna Watkins, group managing director, FullSix UK, heads to Portugal’s capital to hear about the network’s new incubator business and ambitions for the year ahead. With key country partners, she shares case studies and insights to help the network’s clients.

I arrive at Lisbon to meet some of our key partners for the group’s quarterly International P artners’ Meeting (IP M). This is my third one since the French-owned independent marketing communications group FullSix acquired UK outfit Grand Union last year.

We all come together every few months at one of the network’s offices around the world to share new work, common themes, learnings and to discuss where local markets are trialling creative ideas and technical developments.

We catch up over a late team dinner and celebrate Portugal’s ‘digital agency of the year’ win from Meios & Publicidade, the country’s biggest marketing and advertising newspaper. Next morning, we gather at the Lisbon office to get down to business.

FullSix group chief executive and founder Marco Tinelli kick-starts the IPM with an overview of the group’s performance, together with predictions and ambitions for the year ahead. The rest of the day is then filled with partner presentations on key trends and the latest developments in their markets.

The big conversation of the morning revolves around Full Booster, the network’s new incubator business, which launches later this year. The idea, as the name suggests, is to select strong ideas that need funds, talent and distribution to bring a series of breakthrough innovations to the group’s clients.

The first five projects will cover multi-touch analytics (which analyse all the marketing channels that customers are exposed to before they decide to buy), social shopping, mobile marketing, online video and a social media school.

Different agencies and countries share a range of case studies, including work done for LG – based on making ‘Good Things Happen’. The short films that were created by independent directors have racked up more than five million minutes of brand exposure to date.

The most-discussed presentation of the day is the new French mobile virtual network operator La Poste Mobile, which sees the comical creation of the mobile coach (le coach mobile) – a real life person that is based on a stereotypical gym instructor.

The character was developed to lightheartedly teach people how to overcome bad habits when using their mobile phone, such as realising that they can roll over minutes on their call plan to the next month or even switch plans.

Anna Watkins


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