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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • NEW MARKETS: No longer spoils of war: a future full of potential in Iraq

    19 December 2013

    When thinking of Iraq, what may spring to mind is a country in a post-apocalyptic state. Intense media reporting has ensured our first mental images are of a nation torn apart by war, characterised by a lack of security, infrastructure and public order.

    Yet those visiting Iraq today are met with a very different picture. Two years on from the US withdrawal of troops, almost half of the population feel highly optimistic about the country’s future prospects. Most youngsters are focused on getting ahead with their careers and establishing their own financial independence, meaning there is a highly driven, ambitious ...

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  • Life-stage targeting – the second generation

    18 December 2013

    Life stages can have a significant impact on how people shop and, by tapping into online insights, advertisers can now pinpoint and target them more accurately than ever before says eBay Advertising’s Phuong Nguyen.

    There are certain crossroads in life – from starting university, to becoming first-time parents, to retirement – that dramatically influence shopping behaviour and needs.

    Fifteen years ago, when e-commerce was in its infancy, brands had to rely heavily on what they knew about their customer’s age and gender to drive life-stage marketing – 18-24 year olds, for example, would all be grouped as students. But things ...

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  • Five things marketers need to know about consumers in 2014

    17 December 2013

    Chris Jefford, founder/strategy director at Hometown, discusses what he believes to be the five things that marketers will need to know about consumers in 2014.

    1. They will spot you jumping on the marketing bandwagon a mile off.

    If 2013 taught us anything it was that the birth of royal baby George did not provide brands with a shoo-in to send out a pointless piece of direct marketing, or worse, a slap-dash Facebook post with the picture of a crown super imposed onto a product. Consumers deserve to be credited with more intelligence than that, and they can spot a bandwagon ...

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  • Domino's get clever with BA response in UK

    12 December 2013


    British Airways OOH advertising at the end of November impressed a lot of people. As a refresher, all BA planes flying over Storm’s Chiswick Towers triggered an ad on the outdoor screens displaying real-time data of that plane; including destination and flight number.

    As impressive as that was, pizza delivery company Domino's has created a spoof in response to the clever ad.

    Its advert uses the same idea as BA’s; whenever one of its vehicles passes the OOH boards, a virtual child points down from the board and a message will come up stating: “look it’s a large pepperoni passion ...

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    Posted by: Luke Cloherty

  • Why marketing reports and forecasts need to define terms more clearly

    04 December 2013

    The Italian novelist, academic and journalist, Umberto Eco, thinks that Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels' Communist Manifesto should be "read like a scared text in advertising agencies". I personally think that Edward Bernays' influential, pamphlet-like book Propaganda should be viewed in equal reverence by anybody working in media. Before getting on to such reading though, both Eco and I are usurped - it's not often I get to mention myself with such esteemed company. 

    Reading the various reports and forecasts that I get through in my work here at M&M Global gives me an insight into the numerous ways in which ...

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    Posted by: Luke Cloherty