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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Why ad skipping is the future of digital advertising

    31 July 2013

    Skipping ads online is undoubtedly a common activity now. Since 2010 when YouTube first introduced the option, consumers have grown accustomed to being able to click past ads they don’t wish to see after just five seconds.

    Because of this, advertisers increasingly have the opportunity to pay only for ads that demonstrate some level of engagement. This is being recognised by online video hosting channels, such as YouTube, where advertisers are billed only if a user clicks on or watches at least 30 seconds of an ad (or watches an ad to completion if it is less than 30 seconds ...

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  • Festival of Media Awards: The best of Unilever

    30 July 2013

    If you’re an agency and you’ve got some great work to show off, wouldn’t you want to get it in front of one of the biggest advertisers in the world? Well it’s a good thing that Unilever senior vice-president global media Luis Di Como is chairing this year’s Festival of Media LatAm Awards 2013.

    The Festival of Media LatAm Awards celebrate the best in media thinking from Latin America. They were the first awards to launch in the LatAm region designed to specifically provide a platform to promote the best in class and reward creative media thinking.

    We’ve taken a ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

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  • Sneak Preview: Festival of Media LatAm 2013 agenda

    30 July 2013

    Q: What does an orchestra made out of discarded items from a landfill have in common with some of the most talked about brands in the world?

    A: They will all be at The Festival of Media LatAm 2013!

    This year’s Festival of Media LatAm, which takes place from September 25-27 in Miami, is bursting at the seams with unmissable speakers including Zumba Fitness chief executive Alberto Perlman, Visa head of marketing LAC Adrian Farina, Mondelez vice-president of global media Bonin Bough, Fox International Channels chief executive Hernan Lopez, Cisneros Group vice chairman Adriana Cisneros...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Festival of Media LatAm

  • Embracing the future of retail

    29 July 2013

    The UK has fast become a nation of online shoppers, wrapped up in an e-commerce bubble that is showing no signs of bursting anytime soon. According to research by IMRG, Brits are the ‘largest internet economy’ in the world, with experts predicting that online sales will reach £87bn ($133bn) this year.

    It has never been more important for both brands and retailers to embrace the opportunities presented by the rapidly expanding e-ommerce marketplace. To survive, let alone be successful, in this increasingly competitive industry, retailers must gain an in-depth understanding of online consumer purchasing habits as well as the multi-dimensional ...

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  • NEW MARKETS: On trade, tea and TVs: the key to Myanmar’s consumer market

    25 July 2013

    What do you do with a country that is a veritable jewellery shop of precious minerals, which will enjoy a glittering future after recently opening up its markets to international trade, but where most of the population lives in relative poverty?

    Dozens of consumer brands have approached us since Myanmar threw open its market gates last year, eager to promote their products to this exciting new demographic, but unsure about a culture that has remained isolated from the world for so long.

    Our response was to create TNS Myanmar MyLife, a study of 10,000 lives and their beliefs, habits ...

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    Tags: Consumer insight

  • The five most viral Samsung ads of all time

    23 July 2013

    Just in case you hadn’t heard already, we’re thrilled to have Samsung Brand Europe vice-president Stephen Taylor on board as the jury chair for this year’s M&M Global Awards.

    And to mark our excitement, we’ve scoured the web (and tapped into the resources provided by our good friends over at Unruly) to bring you the top five most popular Samsung ads. Check them out below:

    1. Galaxy S4 Official TVC – Sound & Shot

    Total shares: 609,691
    Total views: 2,450,499

    2. The Next Big Thing is Already Here – Samsung Galaxy S III

    Total shares: 510,076
    Total views: 41,258,234 ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, M&M Global Awards, Video

  • Ode to the Royal Baby: Top 10 ads

    23 July 2013

    Who would have thought that one little bundle of joy born on the little old island of the UK would attract so much media attention around the world? Well if you are a #RoyalBaby, then what more can be expected? Since the Duchess of Cambridge was admitted to hospital on the morning of July 22, Twitter has been inundated with more than 900,000 hashtag mentions of #RoyalBaby and just minutes after the birth, Twitter recorded more than 25,300 Tweets per minute. And that’s just Twitter. If we go over to Facebook, the social network saw more than one million global ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Twitter, Social Media

  • Making ‘live’ live longer

    22 July 2013

    It has been well reported that live music has shown significant industry growth in the first decade of the new millennium, with concert ticket sales in the US alone tripling from $1.5bn to $4.6bn between 1999 and 2009. This apparent good health is reflected in what we know of our audience. With entertainment the social currency of choice, over three quarters cite live music as important to them and one in three say they are going to more live music events than before. For all the walls the digital revolution has torn down, live remains one of the most intimate ...

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  • Five tips to become ‘always on’

    19 July 2013

    2013 is shaping up to be the year of content. Comment around the blogosphere and research from Econsultancy suggests that more marketers than ever are looking to add content and content marketing to their arsenal of audience engagement tools.

    But for some corporates, newfangled, always-on content marketing strategies equal a headache.

    Always on takes content out of its comfortable ‘magazine’ format and mixes it up with complicated and ever-evolving elements such as responsive websites, native apps, social media, live events and more. It means that a content programme – traditionally, regular magazine drop dates – no longer runs to a ...

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  • Mind the (communication) gap

    18 July 2013

    As Mark Carney settles into his daily tube commute and his first month behind the big desk at the Bank of England, the future growth of the UK’s economy still rests in no small part on the confidence of personal investors, and what they choose to do with their money. For financial services brands, there’s a growing opportunity in social media to insert themselves into that decision making process.

    Financial organisations have so far been sporadic in their adoption of social media. This could change in the very near future due to the FSA’s ruling on commission-based selling which is ...

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