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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Top tips to taking mobile to the next level

    30 October 2012

    Make mobile a part of your strategy

    The days of experimenting with apps and one-off SMS campaigns are over. Mobile as a marketing channel is established – integrate it into your overarching marketing strategy.

    Get relevant – be personal

    The mobile device is the most personalised object consumers use – and they use them all day long. Make sure your mobile marketing messages are personalised, make sure offers are relevant, and ensure your creative is entertaining and engaging.

    Control and choice

    Consumers demand that they can opt in and out of your messages at any time, and they don’t want to feel ...

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  • Social media drives revenue: infographic

    30 October 2012

    Eventbrite’s latest Social Commerce Report, which examines the additional revenue and traffic accumulated when people share event information on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, has revealed that Britons are the most prolific ‘clickers’. In the UK, as the below infographic details, every time someone shares an event on Facebook, on average 22 of their friends look at that event. However, on Twitter, if someone shares an event it results in 42 of their friends checking it out – the most visits generated out of all the countries surveyed. 

    Globally, the value of a social share has risen by 81% and traffic generated ...

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  • Changing the game

    26 October 2012

    The Olympics has once again transformed our relationship with content – and changed the agenda for both broadcasters and brands.

    Revolution is built into the DNA of the Olympic movement. Each Olympiad delivers its own never-to-be-repeated moment in time and its own claim to being the greatest Games. As a proud Brit I feel this way about London 2012 but I also know that people felt the same way about Beijing, Barcelona and Athens. And as somebody who works in the TV industry, I know that the unique feelings aroused by each Games are due in great part to the ...

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  • The tactics of internet ads

    25 October 2012

    Web Marketing

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  • Selling online - Putting the customer first

    23 October 2012

    Online retail sales increased by 14% last year, to more than £50bn ($80bn). This figure is only set to grow year on year. But many brands spend millions on driving their online presence, with little guarantee their offering will result in an online sales boom.

    Selling online is a science and with the cutthroat competition between online businesses to reel in customers and secure transactions, it is vital that a business that wants to enhance its online presence does so intelligently, by understanding the customer base and thinking rationally about pricing.

    So, how does an online business turn ‘interested clicks’ ...

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  • Bodyform: the best response ever to a Facebook rant?

    17 October 2012

    A lady’s ‘time of the month’ is quite the taboo subject and for men in particular, a topic that should be avoided at all costs when they are around.

    Richard Neill is an exception.

    Richard Neill became an overnight viral sensation when he decided to take to Facebook to vent his anger towards Bodyform for using the slogan ‘Have a Happy Period’ in its advertising. That one post has racked up more than 86,743 likes and more than 3,735 comments. And it’s absolutely hilarious:

    bodyform facebook post richard

    But what’s even better is that Bodyform has been quick off the mark with a direct ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Social, Video

  • 'Silver Surfers' get serious online

    16 October 2012

    Here’s a look into an unlikely group that has a very serious approach to online – the over 50 ‘Silver Surfers’.

    The infographic below, created by Blinkx, gives us a little bit of insight into this demographic, highlighting how they spend their time online and what kind of marketing works.

    Silver Surfers

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  • The EZ Crisis: shrinking consumer priorities?

    10 October 2012

    As I write, there is a riot taking place outside the Parliament buildings in Madrid. Athens and Salonica are brought to something of a standstill by a general strike of public sector workers. Police overtime is just about the only boom industry as Governments in Southern Europe try to contain public fury at austerity politics, budget cuts, wage freezes, bank bailouts and excruciatingly high unemployment. 

    The Greek economy will have shrunk by around 8% by the time 2012 closes and in Spain, running the rapids of recession too, consumer confidence is so thin you need a magnifying glass to find ...

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  • Consumers get interactive with the rich media world

    09 October 2012

    As new advertising technologies and approaches continue to spring up across digital channels, the online display marketing industry is no exception and is enjoying a wave of innovations in the way brands serve and manage advertising over the web. The good news is that these advances are being well received by consumers, who are interacting with the many creative formats emerging from the industry at the moment.

    Our latest Quarterly Media Barometer underlines just what a positive effect rich media formats are having on audiences at the moment. The results revealed that they are achieving significantly higher levels of success ...

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  • Apple honours Steve Jobs in homepage takeover

    05 October 2012

    It’s hard to believe that it was exactly a year ago today (October 5, 2011) that Apple lost one of the most iconic figures in the technology world, Steve Jobs.

    apple steve jobs

    To honour Jobs on this one year anniversary, Apple’s homepage has been taken over by a video eulogy followed by a moving letter from Apple’s current chief executive Tim Cook:

    “Steve’s passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made the world a better place.

    One ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

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