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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • If social media can instigate social change, you can use it for more than brand awareness

    29 March 2012

    By David Hing, M&M Global

    Staffordshire Police 

    A lot of things being said at the Social Media World Forum Europe may have been said before, but it was good to hear from people not only working but finding success on social media platforms.

    In a panel about using social media to instigate social change, Staffordshire Police neighbourhood communications manager David Bailey talked about the regional UK police constabulary's social media strategy that was born in part through the London riots. The strategy allows the police to reach out to people who they would not normally come into contact with through ...

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  • Brand growth requires changing the game, not just playing it

    22 March 2012

    Sometimes when I am faced with a problem, I can only see it from one viewpoint. The result is that I get stuck and can’t figure out how to solve the problem.

    I was reminded of this the other day when a group of us were discussing how best to grow the financial value of a brand. Because we tend to think about a brand’s status in the context of its product category, we often forget that the biggest opportunity for growth may exist outside the current definition of that category.

    In spite of the fact that most of our ...

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    Posted by: Nigel Hollis

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  • MP calls for support from advertisers on press regulation

    22 March 2012

    Advertisers are crucial in using the power of ad spend to punish media that steps away from the new press complaints body, says House of Commons chair of culture, media and sport select committee John Whittingdale.

    Ahead of a report due next week on press regulation and speaking at the ISBA annual conference yesterday, Whittingdale stressed how advertisers have an important role to play and urged for support from ISBA and its advertising members in order to address the issue.

    Whittingdale referred specifically to how well advertisers reacted to the phone hacking scandal that engulfed the News of the World last ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

  • ISBA highlights online behavioural ads issue for 2012

    22 March 2012

    ISBA president Jon Woods has spotlighted online behavioural advertising as the biggest regulatory issue advertisers will face in 2012, speaking at the ISBA annual conference today.

    Addressing delegates in London, Woods, who is also the general manager for Coca-Cola UK and Ireland, stressed the importance of the issue because of the increasing shift to digital.

    “It's about balancing concerns around privacy against our ability to enhance the consumer experience and build e-commerce,” he said. “Consumers should have the right to opt out but they should always know what cookies and data is being collected about them.”

    “We need to ensure ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

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  • Toilet Texting

    12 March 2012

    Despite the fact that we are all, apparently, waiting for the Year of the Mobile the below infographic just might be a sign that it is in fact upon us. All credit to the Mobile Marketer where I spotted this little gem ...

     Toilet Texting

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    Posted by: Martina Lacey

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  • Brand as we know it is dead

    08 March 2012

    By David Hing, M&M Global

    The slide on the wall was split in to two halves. On the left were recognisable, everyday Google brands and features. On the right were names like Google Wave, Buzz, Orkut and Froogle. The point that The Brand Union was trying to make? That if you want to gain the respect of your consumers, you should take a little risk like Google and not be afraid to clock up a few misfires.

    In a talk titled 'Brand as we know it is dead', Sue Daun and JR Little of The Brand Union at The Economist's ...

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  • Communicating with meaning

    08 March 2012

    By David Hing, M&M Global

    I would love to see the future described by Alex Gordon at The Economist's Big Rethink conference today.

    I want him to be right and I want the future of consumerism to be about play, puzzling, story telling and creativity. In his talk, titled 'Semiotics and the Consumer: Communicating with Meaning', he invited the audience at the conference to imagine a world in the not too distant future where the consumer seeks out pleasurable, cultural and meaningful experiences rather than the acquisition of products, where you go shopping to enjoy it and end up buying ...

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  • The Untouchables (and Apple isn’t one)

    02 March 2012

    by Mike Spicer, chief executive, Pulse Group

    The fall of Apple from nine to eighteen in the Superbrands Expert Council top 200 brands list highlights the credentials for brand success: longevity and trust. This is reflected in the success of Rolex, Google and Coca-Cola – brands that have earned their place in those upper echelons through years of consistent product and marketing quality.


    Rolex’s high-end image has forever oozed quality and permanence. The entire brand presence reflects this, from its smart, un-changing font through to its annual sponsorship of Wimbledon, one of the most widely respected sporting contests in ...

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  • Samsung, Apple & Nokia scoop top awards at MWC

    01 March 2012

    Mobile manufacturers Samsung, Apple and Nokia have all been recognised at the 17th Annual Global Mobile awards, held at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

    We've pulled together a hand-picked selection of some of the top prizes picked up by some of the biggest brands shaping the industry across the globe:

    Samsung scooped the 'Best Smartphone' award for its Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as the coveted 'Device Manufacturer of the Year'.

    Nokia took the 'Best Feature Phone' award for its Nokia C3-00 handset.

    The winner of the 'Best Mobile Tablet' was... Wait for it.... Yes, ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

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