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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • So, what’s wrong with a bonus culture in agencies?

    13 December 2011

    How incentive is the lifeblood of success, especially in the marketing business.

    There has been a jolly great hoo-har over the bonuses paid to bankers this year. Whatever we think about bankers, I think making bonuses the felon is wrong.

    Anything that requires performance, or indeed anything that requires out-performing the market, should be incentivized by a bonus of some form.

    Bonuses themselves are not wrong, but perhaps they have been misused by some companies to reward short term gain when really they are a long-term incentive. We work in an industry which relies on out-performance, everything is geared to ...

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    Posted by: Tom Denford

    Tags: Agency Developments, Remuneration

  • It is no longer about costs. It is about costs.

    14 September 2011

    Are agency rosters getting harder to manage or easier? 

    (the picture is not a clue btw, honest)

    Earlier this month I heard again another very senior marketer ask a room of people (other very senior marketers) how to best manage a large roster of agencies. This is a big question, and in our experience becoming increasingly frequently asked. It's advisable (for sanity's sake)to consider this a simple problem rather than a complex one. 

    I believe the issue has two elements, firstly to get agencies aligned and focused enough to be able to collaborate in a constructive way that does not ...

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    Posted by: Tom Denford

    Tags: consulting, Agency/ client relationships, Business models, pitches, Remuneration, Measurement, ROI & effectiveness, media costs, Ad Spend

  • Who's better CNN or BBC World News?

    24 March 2011

    Now is your chance to decide!

    Last year National Geographic was crowned the most creative of the TV bunch and Google the best ROI provider of the online players, now it is time to tell us who is the best in 2011.

    M&M’s industry wide survey aims to understand more about the international media landscape as part of its remit to report upon and inform the international media community.

    The linked survey below is designed to uncover attitudes towards different media channels in 2011, analyse spending trends and understand how different media owners are evolving in an increasingly complex media ...

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    Posted by: Martina Lacey

    Tags: Creativity, Online, Agency/ client relationships, Reputation, Print, TV, Remuneration, Consumer insight