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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Predictions for 2014

    10 February 2014

    Inevitably at this time of year, the marketing media starts to look ahead to what the New Year will bring. It is human nature to look for so called "big bangs". Single, seismic events in a defined time span with easily identifiable outcomes. The much mocked "Year of Mobile" is a stark reminder for our industry to be cautious with sweeping predictions and yet increasingly we see 2014 already labelled with other terms such as programmatic, biddable, on demand and native.

    Yet, whilst there is no doubt all of the listed will grow in importance in 2014 and drive yet ...

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    Tags: Mobile, Programmatic Mobile Display, Apple, Yahoo

  • Angela Ahrendts joins Apple: what does it mean?

    16 October 2013

    Apple have announced that Burberry chief executive Angela Arhendts will be joining them in a newly created role as vice president of retail and online stores next spring. There are some questions that may need answering herein, particularly those which address where this leaves Burberry and its structure, but also those which address the tech behemoth's intentions henceforth.

    Christopher Bailey, the company's current CCO, is taking over CEO duties on top of his creative role. So what are we to deduce from this? Are Burberry's intentions of a more creative rather than retail nature going forward? 

    For a few years now Burberry has ...

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    Posted by: Luke Cloherty

    Tags: Tech, Burberry, Apple, Fashion

  • The year ahead for images

    25 April 2013

    In 2013 it’s believed the smartphone will become an everyday object worldwide*. It’s believed that sales will hit one billion over the next 12 months – an impressive milestone in the mobile world. It’s certainly a true testament to the ‘sharing age’ we now live in; people want to tap into information and divulge their experiences constantly, be it with their friends or brands.

    This of course presents a plethora of opportunities for companies, but with these opportunities come challenges. Brands are already working hard to remain contemporary and front of mind in the current economical climate and the increase ...

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    Tags: Mobile, Apple, Branding

  • The philosophy of brands

    08 January 2013

    How would a philosopher deal with the brand challenges that marketers face every day? Matt Mee, European strategy director at Mediacom asks Vincent F. Hendricks, Professor of Formal Philosophy at the University of Copenhagen, about brand ambition and the need for a broader agenda.

    Matt Mee: What does a brand mean to a philosopher?

    Vincent Hendricks: To me, brands are signal exchanges between a company and a designated part of the public.

    Basically, branding is a signalling game; if you use a Mac, you are creative, successful and a free thinker; if you drive a luxury auto, you are successful ...

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    Tags: Social Media, Apple, Branding

  • Infographic: Top 10 websites in MENA

    07 January 2013

    I recently stumbled across this infographic from Egyptian online magazine Digibuzz, which pulls together internet data from Comscore regarding internet users across the Middle East and Africa.

    During October 2012, nearly 135 million people used the internet in the region, with Google scooping the top spot, reaching 90% of the region’s digital population with 122 million unique visitors. Facebook was next with 101 million unique visitors.

    But rather than list the top 10 websites by monthly unique visitors, check out the below infographic to see the other websites that made it into the top 10:


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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Twitter, Online, Bing, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Consumer insight, Google

  • Apple honours Steve Jobs in homepage takeover

    05 October 2012

    It’s hard to believe that it was exactly a year ago today (October 5, 2011) that Apple lost one of the most iconic figures in the technology world, Steve Jobs.

    apple steve jobs

    To honour Jobs on this one year anniversary, Apple’s homepage has been taken over by a video eulogy followed by a moving letter from Apple’s current chief executive Tim Cook:

    “Steve’s passing one year ago today was a sad and difficult time for all of us. I hope that today everyone will reflect on his extraordinary life and the many ways he made the world a better place.

    One ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Apple

  • Samsung, Apple & Nokia scoop top awards at MWC

    01 March 2012

    Mobile manufacturers Samsung, Apple and Nokia have all been recognised at the 17th Annual Global Mobile awards, held at the GSMA Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week.

    We've pulled together a hand-picked selection of some of the top prizes picked up by some of the biggest brands shaping the industry across the globe:

    Samsung scooped the 'Best Smartphone' award for its Samsung Galaxy S II, as well as the coveted 'Device Manufacturer of the Year'.

    Nokia took the 'Best Feature Phone' award for its Nokia C3-00 handset.

    The winner of the 'Best Mobile Tablet' was... Wait for it.... Yes, ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Mobile, Apple

  • Thoughts on what other brands can learn from Steve Jobs’ legacy

    25 October 2011

    Sadly, Steve Jobs is no more, but his legacy lives on in a brand that people adore. A while ago, I asked some of my colleagues, “What do you think other brands can learn from that legacy?” The answers were interesting and varied, but ultimately, the consensus was that Jobs ensured that the Apple brand and products were meaningfully different from the competition. 

    Contrary to the nihilists of the marketing world, who would have you believe that successful marketing is nothing more than meaningless distinctiveness promoted as widely as possible, Apple is the poster child of those who believe ...

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    Posted by: Nigel Hollis

    Tags: Apple, Steve Jobs, Branding

  • RIP Steve Jobs: How the media responded

    10 October 2011

    Steve Jobs 

    When Steve Jobs died last week at the age of 56, his death coincided with the time that many print media owners were heading to press on their issues. This forced many an editor around the globe to “stop the press” – which secretly all editors dream of doing. Here is a brief round-up of how print and TV media owners treated the death of Jobs.

    BBC World NewsBBC World News’ online coverage was under the strap line ‘Tributes for Apple 'visionary' Steve Jobs’. Its coverage was collated under 6 tabs: Latest, Obituary, ...

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    Posted by: Martina Lacey

    Tags: Apple, Steve Jobs

  • Top 10 Steve Jobs infographics

    25 August 2011

    Steve Jobs stepped down today as Apple's Chief executive. As this influential figure in the media industry takes a break from the spotlight, we couldn't help but peruse the web to see what others were saying about him and his departure. In our research, we discovered that the man (and Apple) have inspired many interesting infographics--I say "interesting," because some are indeed interesting and others are well.... "interesting."  So here's to infographics and Steve Jobs, enjoy!


    1. Apple form factor evolution: 1976 through 2007


    2. What's inside Apple University?


    3. 15 things you didn't know about Steve ...

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    Posted by: Juliet P. d'Arguesse

    Tags: Apple, Steve Jobs

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