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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Shazam’s native ads: engaging or disruptive?

    02 June 2014

    Music pioneer, Shazam, has just announced plans to partner with the newly launched Facebook Audience Network. Revealed at the F8 conference earlier this year, the new network aims to allow Facebook ads on third-party mobile apps. Shazam’s decision to partner with the social network is likely to be driven by a need to create ads that are non-intrusive to its users. But are these ads the best way to engage Shazam’s audience, or will it simply disrupt the user-experience?

    Ads served through Facebook Audience Network algorithmically aim to be relevant and blend in as much as possible to the native ...

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    Tags: Shazam, Facebook, Native Advertising

  • Facebook waves the white flag at email – #FAIL?

    10 March 2014

    Since Facebook announced its launch - ironically, with an email - in 2004, email has been its Achilles heel. Over the last three years, Facebook has failed to win over consumers with its email service and now it’s simply thrown in the towel. After a Facebook spokesperson admitted “we're making this change because most people haven't been using their Facebook email address,” some might see the closure as inconsequential. However, as the battle for the lion’s share of the $650 billion global advertising market continues to play out between the internet’s juggernauts, how will Facebook fill this hole in its ...

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    Tags: Email, Facebook

  • Is Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp a knee jerk reaction?

    20 February 2014

    Facebook’s purchase of WhatsApp could be seen as a knee jerk reaction to its decline in usage among young people, the demographic largely responsible for WhatsApp’s amazing growth. 

    Certainly by buying WhatsApp, Facebook has ensured it will see an uplift in numbers with younger audiences and stopped any of the other big players in the social arena buying it themselves. The question that lingers though is just what the long-term impact will be? 

    Defining the commercial model

    Facebook wants to own connected internet, and WhatsApp is certainly a large player in the area with some industry projections predicting that its ...

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    Tags: Social Media, WhatsApp, Vizeum, Facebook

  • Infographic: The landscape of social login

    30 January 2014

    Gigya have created an infographic which shows how people are using Facebook to log in to their favourite sites across the world, with individual breakdowns for various sectors, including eCommerce, media, travel and hospitality sites.

    Key findings include that Facebook is by far the most dominant platform for social logins, with a staggering 76% of social media-savvy consumers log in through Facebook to use eCommerce sites, while 59% use it to log in to travel and hospitality sites – a 9% jump on the previous quarter.

    In addition to regular social logins, Facebook also leads the way with logins via ...

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    Tags: Social Media, Infographic, Facebook

  • Native advertising: could its popularity mark its demise?

    23 October 2013

    Native advertising is a concept that is undoubtedly clever, but, should everybody rush towards doing it, would it signal an end for it as a medium?

    Native advertising could be seen as somewhat like the subtler, more savvy younger brother of traditional advertorial, but, as Carla Faria, Solutions Director at Say Media points out in her engaging article in our sister publication, Cream, "Native advertising may be many things, but advertorial it certainly is not". So what exactly is it then? What are its potentialities? What are its limits?

    Well, native advertising is a concept that's completely online for a ...

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    Posted by: Luke Cloherty

    Tags: Business, Online, Tech, Native, Technology, Advertising, Facebook, brand awareness, Advertising spend, Online advertising, Trends, branded content, Native Advertising

  • Facebook has grown up, but its approach to gender hate remains stuck in its college years

    14 June 2013

    Making decisions about the subtle nuances of Facebook’s moderation process can’t be easy. How do you create objective policies to measure, document and enforce the boundaries between art and pornography, controversial humour and hate speech? These policies must be robust enough to apply to over a billion of the world’s people, each with their own cultural sensibilities, biases and triggers, they must be enforceable, and they must be popular. Too-heavy handed and users will go elsewhere. Too permissive and advertisers threaten to walk away.

    That’s exactly the situation Facebook came up against last week. Advertisers, most notably Nissan, Dove and ...

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    Tags: Facebook

  • Look who’s talking: understanding social influence online

    13 May 2013

    Do influencers really exist? Way back in 2000, when Facebook was but a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye, Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point introduced the concept of “mavens”, the so-called super-consumers brands hungrily pursue as the Holy Grail of engagement. We all knew then that word of mouth was a powerful tool – but really, how influential could an individual be?

    Fast forward a few years and the quickly established social networking culture made this question rather more compelling. Brand strategists the world over have been devoting ever more energy converting the well-connected social networker into that fabled brand ambassador, ...

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    Tags: Online, Social, Facebook

  • Facebook Home: Fancy new app, or tipping point for the internet?

    24 April 2013

    Facebook, Google and Apple are preoccupied with one key ambition – to become the dominant interface between people and the internet. It's the same thing the ISPs warred over before people started setting their home-screen to Google. Now, with the mobile interface destined to become the key access point to the Internet, Facebook Home is the latest salvo in the battle to realize that ambition.

    Designed to replace the existing ‘home’ and ‘lock’ screens on Android powered devices, Home is a new app that wraps around the Android OS and pulls in your social content to enrich the mobile ...

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    Tags: Mobile, Facebook

  • Facebook News Feed: Only the best brands will prevail

    10 March 2013

    Facebook’s new Newsfeed features much of what we had expected: bigger, richer display units for posts; consistency across mobile, smart trending topics, integration of Graph Search, and bespoke streams.

    For users, it should represent a welcome lick of paint for the service that is now so integral to everyday life: symbols instead of text to better display on mobile, and the new ‘omni-sidebar’ on the left. The newsfeed is simplified and expanded, meaning bigger and better updates. ‘Content feeds’ allow users to easily see items from just friends, or pages, or photos, or people you follow, and so on. There’s even ...

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    Tags: Social Media, Advertising, Facebook

  • Facebook Graph Search: On top? Or a flop?

    16 January 2013

    We’ve been waiting long enough and now Facebook has finally given us something optimistic to talk about for the first time since its disastrous IPO last year. 

    What happened?

    It’s all over the news and if you haven’t heard by now then where have you been hiding? For those that have been travelling on a long-haul WiFi-less flight (that’s the only way you could have missed it), here’s the news in short:

    The tech world had been speculating for some time about a big Facebook announcement, which came last night during a press conference in California. Rumours were rife around ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Advertising, Facebook, Search

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