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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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Online advertising

  • Native advertising: could its popularity mark its demise?

    23 October 2013

    Native advertising is a concept that is undoubtedly clever, but, should everybody rush towards doing it, would it signal an end for it as a medium?

    Native advertising could be seen as somewhat like the subtler, more savvy younger brother of traditional advertorial, but, as Carla Faria, Solutions Director at Say Media points out in her engaging article in our sister publication, Cream, "Native advertising may be many things, but advertorial it certainly is not". So what exactly is it then? What are its potentialities? What are its limits?

    Well, native advertising is a concept that's completely online for a ...

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    Posted by: Luke Cloherty

    Tags: Business, Online, Tech, Native, Technology, Advertising, Facebook, brand awareness, Advertising spend, Online advertising, Trends, branded content, Native Advertising

  • 2020: When online advertising meets mathematics

    22 April 2013

    A City or Wall Street worker of the 1980s who saw today’s financial markets would be, most likely, gobsmacked. For the most part, the ‘gut feels’ and instinct-based trading of yesteryear have been replaced by intricate computer-based financial modeling and statistical analysis.

    Similarly, looking ahead to the likely transactions, executions, insights and analytics of advertising buys of the year 2020, we see an equally seismic shift. Currently brands and advertisers are just scratching at the surface of what data has to offer. In seven years’ time, data – and its mathematical analysis – will rule the roost.

    By the year ...

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    Posted by: Bloggers' Gallery

    Tags: Online, Data, Online advertising

  • RTB in Europe: 2012 in review

    09 January 2013

    2012 was the year that online advertising through real-time bidding (RTB) really started to take off in Europe with more and more big brands deciding to get on board with it. So much so, that the guys over at Infectious Media have pulled together a load of stats to create an infographic which gives you a round-up of all RTB activity in Europe during 2012, along with some predictions for what's in store for 2013. Check it out:

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, real time bidding, Online advertising

  • Boys will be boys... Or will they?

    18 December 2012

    It’s so easy to assume that boys will be boys when it comes to their online activities. However, Blinkx has recently uncovered some home truths about men in Britain looking at their online habits.

    While gaming and social media would generally spring to mind, surprisingly men are most likely to carry out research (79%), followed by (wait for it!) shopping sites (57%). Social media and gaming (50%) and online dating sites (12%) were the next most popular online activities.

    What’s interesting for marketers is that men actually prefer shopping online to visiting physical stores, and they also prefer online marketing ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Shopping, Online advertising

  • Where next for online video advertising?

    12 December 2012

    The rapid growth of the online video sector continued in 2012, with more campaigns undertaken and clients seeing the medium offer real value. However, believes the industry must continue to push for further significant changes in 2013.

    Research carried out by indicates that there are three areas that need to be addressed in 2013 before companies begin to move their brand budget online. These reflect that ‘watching TV’ is being re-defined as more media is consumed on mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs, but brand budgets are still firmly rooted in traditional TV:

    Measurement: The way in which ...

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    Posted by: Bloggers' Gallery

    Tags: Online, Advertising, Online advertising, Video

  • Online brand-building means no more click-through

    23 November 2012

    For most of its still-young life, online advertising has worshipped at the altar of the ‘almighty click-through’. If the click-through rate (CTR) was high, says the logic, the ad must have worked. After all, people wouldn’t have clicked on it otherwise.

    That might be true for ads designed to sell products and services and thus present an immediate return-on-investment (ROI), but it’s not quite as solid a measurement for brand-building. In fact, the lack of brand focus in the past has had a trickle-down impact on everyone involved in digital advertising, from the agency to networks to publishers.

    When the ...

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    Posted by: Bloggers' Gallery

    Tags: Measurement, Demand-side platforms, Measurement, ROI & effectiveness, Online advertising

  • Ad tech and the art of the alchemist

    20 November 2012

    The traditional quest and obsession of the alchemist was to transmute lead into bright shining gold, a task in which they all ultimately failed. A similar scenario is playing out in the ad technology world as businesses claim the technologies they have developed for one clear purpose – monetising low value inventory – can become technologies for helping sell high-value, guaranteed premium inventory.  

    The premium world is crying out for technologies that can help save time, automate processes to eradicate manual approaches, remove complexities and ensure the whole process around buying and selling premium inventory runs more smoothly. The ...

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    Posted by: Bloggers' Gallery

    Tags: Multi-platform, Online advertising

  • Big spend on big portals won’t guarantee big ad returns

    13 November 2012

    Good times for AOL, who recently announced that its ad revenues have been the strongest in seven years - reaching a massive $340m. While there is no disputing the figures, which AOL attribute to simply getting more online advertising and search dollars from other brands and businesses – before handing over significant ad budget over to large portals like AOL, advertisers should think carefully about where they choose to place their promotions online.

    While big portals have long held the giant share of advertising spend online, we recently conducted some research with YouGov which actually found that these portals are ...

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    Posted by: Bloggers' Gallery

    Tags: Online, Advertising, Advertising spend, Online advertising

  • Hands up, who knows what SEO means?

    07 September 2011

    By Andrew Whitehair, managing director, Razsor 


    The internet is now so much part of our daily lives that we might sometimes forget how it has revolutionised the way we do business and the way we run our personal lives. Consumers have become increasingly connected and web-savvy, able to connect with brands through their computer, mobile or tablet device on their own terms. In order to be successful it’s important for brands to understand the digital world and its language. To help marketers starting out on this journey, here are some of the most regularly used terms in digital marketing ...

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    Posted by: Martina Lacey

    Tags: Online, Online advertising, Search

  • SEO: Google’s Organic Search Sitelinks Offer Brands More Online Visibility

    30 August 2011

    by Doug Platts

    Brand marketers cannot afford to be passive in their online marketing efforts in today’s search culture. One of the most important aspects of today’s online marketing is in the search engine results page (SERP). Google Sitelinks are arguably the best feature to come to the search engine results page (SERP) for brands in the past 5 years. The evolution and growth of Sitelinks has been especially interesting for brand marketers to watch, and the latest changes to Sitelinks offers a very real chance for your brand to directly benefit in a big way.

    We cheered when they ...

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    Posted by: Juliet P. d'Arguesse

    Tags: Online advertising, Search, Google

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