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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Does online anonymity really benefit the consumer?

    16 April 2014

    Ever since Edward Snowdon blew the whistle on the activities of the NSA & GCHQ, the trend of privacy in the online world has grown tremendously. People are now far more concerned about how much information of theirs is actually online, and in whose hands it lies.

    A big area of concern has always been search engines. As most users of Google know, the search giant stores the search data of everyone. This is then used to improve the service, as they can spot search trends and tailor searches more to the users needs. However, your usual group of conspiracy ...

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    Tags: Online, NSA, Privacy

  • Engaging peripheral audiences – the unseasonal, untraditional and fleeting

    27 February 2014

    While a brand’s target audience makes up the majority of their sales, online retail presents a unique opportunity for marketers to also grow their market share with peripheral groups. This is an obvious, yet sometimes untapped way for brands to drive additional sales, but they should take care not to alienate their core audience along the way, says eBay Advertising’s Phuong Nguyen.

    The ability to observe what consumers are actually browsing and buying online allows brands to identify new and unexpected audiences as they emerge – from the growing numbers of male baking enthusiasts to the winter jet-setters shopping for ...

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    Tags: Online, Shopping, Marketing

  • Doodad publishers must go native

    11 February 2014

    In 2005, Marissa Mayer, VP of Search and UX at Google reassured many when she said, “There will be no banner ads on the Google homepage or web search results pages. There will not be crazy, flashy, graphical doodads flying and popping up all over the Google site. Ever.” A lot has changed since then. For a start, Ms Mayer is now at Yahoo and, having acquired Tumblr, is instilling the ‘no doodads’ ethos there as well. Also, Google have just begun trialling a form of banner ad in some US states which deploys when users search for brands. Some, ...

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    Tags: Social Media, Online, Banner Ads, Yahoo, Google, Native Advertising

  • Native advertising: could its popularity mark its demise?

    23 October 2013

    Native advertising is a concept that is undoubtedly clever, but, should everybody rush towards doing it, would it signal an end for it as a medium?

    Native advertising could be seen as somewhat like the subtler, more savvy younger brother of traditional advertorial, but, as Carla Faria, Solutions Director at Say Media points out in her engaging article in our sister publication, Cream, "Native advertising may be many things, but advertorial it certainly is not". So what exactly is it then? What are its potentialities? What are its limits?

    Well, native advertising is a concept that's completely online for a ...

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    Posted by: Luke Cloherty

    Tags: Business, Online, Tech, Native, Technology, Advertising, Facebook, brand awareness, Advertising spend, Online advertising, Trends, branded content, Native Advertising

  • Native advertising: why it’s marketing’s hottest topic right now

    10 October 2013

    Native advertising is the phrase on everyone’s lips in digital circles right now. A glance at the agenda for The Guardian’s forthcoming Changing Advertising Summit is proof enough; in its agenda summary it states that native advertising “has arrived and is getting the industry excited”.

    But look a little closer and it seems that some pockets of the online advertising world are still approaching native with a surprising degree of caution. Why? Well, many an advertiser has read ‘native’ and thought ‘advertorial’. And there’s the rub. Native advertising may be many things, but advertorial it certainly is not. Many advertisers ...

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    Tags: Online, Advertising

  • 2013: the year of digital video

    24 September 2013

    Our third annual UK Video Advertising Report, which launched at the BrightRoll Video Summit at Ad:Tech London, reveals 2013 as a pivotal year for digital video in the UK and one that has seen an explosion in the online video advertising industry’s fortunes.

    It appears that as a nation we are voracious viewers of digital content and, according to Comscore, spend more time online than consumers in any other European country. The research giant found that 83% of the UK online population watches videos, and in July 2013, 38 million people watched more than 10 billion videos.

    Understandably, advertisers are ...

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    Tags: Online, Video

  • Building ‘winning’ customer relationships

    23 September 2013

    Can a simple online transaction become an exercise in brand building? Of course, but not only that. It can generate a complex and emotional engagement from customers, stimulate competition, open up channels of communication and result in an exhilarating ‘win’ for the customer.

    Online auctions can make a significant contribution to building a brand. Active engagement from the target audience is increasingly becoming the central goal for digital communications. The connection driven by bidders watching and checking on items, waiting to receive messages if they’ve been ‘outbid’ and when the auction is close to ending, and the thrill of ‘winning’ ...

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    Tags: Online

  • Infographic: The online video landscape in Latin America

    07 August 2013

    How do Latin Americans view online video?

    Having delved into the latest topics and trends across Latin America, we've created this infographic showing the online video landscape in LatAm.

    Check out this snapshot - but make sure to book your tickets for The Festival of Media LatAm to get the full story!

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Festival of Media LatAm, Video

  • How safe is the online ad environment for brands?

    06 August 2013

    Perception and environment are two of the most important factors when consumers make a purchasing decision, whether they are deciding where to live, which car to buy or what country to visit on holiday.

    Advertisers consider the environment of their ad placements to be imperative when shaping consumer perceptions of their brand. Environment and quality is an area where digital advertising has always struggled to prove its worth; especially against more traditional media where scale is limited and there is greater control over quality of content and environment.

    In the early days of digital media, clients would book ad impressions ...

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    Tags: Online

  • From clicks to creativity: a shift from performance to brand advertising

    02 August 2013

    As digital advertising continues its meteoric rise to become the predominant channel in terms of share of spend, it’s interesting to note the juxtaposition that the online industry faces.

    A key strength of online is that it is an immediate, highly measurable direct-response channel, and around two-thirds of global digital budgets ($27bn) is allocated to performance-based advertising. However, if we compare this to the offline world, we can see that two-thirds of the advertising budget ($266bn) is spent on branding – across TV, outdoor, print etc.

    Since the emergence of online advertising, success has been based upon how many people ...

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    Tags: Measurement, Online, Measurement, ROI & effectiveness

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