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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Facebook waves the white flag at email – #FAIL?

    10 March 2014

    Since Facebook announced its launch - ironically, with an email - in 2004, email has been its Achilles heel. Over the last three years, Facebook has failed to win over consumers with its email service and now it’s simply thrown in the towel. After a Facebook spokesperson admitted “we're making this change because most people haven't been using their Facebook email address,” some might see the closure as inconsequential. However, as the battle for the lion’s share of the $650 billion global advertising market continues to play out between the internet’s juggernauts, how will Facebook fill this hole in its ...

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  • If you’re not testing, you’re just guessing

    19 August 2013

    Email campaigns are a top marketing channel for businesses. However, many organisations are focusing too heavily on design and construction and leaving testing as an afterthought, meaning they may not be successfully targeting the right audiences in the right way. Testing is a simple way to ensure you’re driving engagement in your email campaigns.

    Testing your campaigns will inevitably lead to a higher success rate, yet a surprising number of digital marketers do not make it an essential part of their process. 

    Testing supports constant improvement, reduces time and effort, optimises performance, enables you to develop a better understanding of your ...

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  • Top 10 tips for email marketing

    27 May 2013

    Modern day marketers need to be aware that their brand messages are at risk of being swallowed up in the abyss that can be email marketing. On average per person, per day consumers are receiving over 30,000 advertising messages, so it is essential that your business stands out from the crowd. Below are my essential, top 10 email marketing tips:

    1. Design for the small screen. You have one chance to get someone to respond to an email. As smartphone usage explodes, it’s imperative to design email messages so people can interact with them on their mobile devices.

    2. Have ...

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