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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Does online anonymity really benefit the consumer?

    16 April 2014

    Ever since Edward Snowdon blew the whistle on the activities of the NSA & GCHQ, the trend of privacy in the online world has grown tremendously. People are now far more concerned about how much information of theirs is actually online, and in whose hands it lies.

    A big area of concern has always been search engines. As most users of Google know, the search giant stores the search data of everyone. This is then used to improve the service, as they can spot search trends and tailor searches more to the users needs. However, your usual group of conspiracy ...

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    Tags: Online, NSA, Privacy

  • How brands should tackle data and privacy to build consumer trust

    10 June 2013

    Facebook has reached a point where it can accurately predict everything from political persuasion, sexual orientation and even religious views, raising the age-old issue of privacy online. What has now become clear is that customers are unwittingly sharing vast amounts of personal information on social channels without considering what this can reveal about them and the uses to which it can be put. Brands need to be cautious about how they use consumer data – using it to inform their approach towards an individual, but at the same time not appearing intrusive. In short, brands need to adopt a best ...

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    Tags: Privacy, Data

  • User-generated content: Prison Rules

    18 October 2011

    Ever entered a competition which included some form of content submission? Wondering what your rights are in that transaction? Read on...

    Just been sent what looks, on the surface, like an engaging brand promotion with a whizzy prize - $15k all expenses trip to a cool event on the West Coast. I took the time (because I'm a pedant like that) to cast a lazy glance over the Ts&Cs. Here's what I found. 

    "Entrants irrevocably undertake to grant The Promoter and its affiliates, licensees, promotional partners, developers, and third party marketing entities a royalty-free exclusive license to edit, modify, cut, rearrange, add ...

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    Posted by: Tom Denford

    Tags: Social Media, Content, Privacy, branded content

  • Is It OK To Bash Your Boss On Facebook?

    25 March 2011

    Last November, the National Labor Relations Board in the US filed a complaint against a company for firing an employee for criticising her boss on Facebook. This is the first reported case in which the Labor Board intervened in a case involving social networking.

    While at first this attack on Facebook made me smirk—finally a crackdown on Big Brother (!), I soon came to realise, how special is this case anyway? After all, since the beginning of corporate time, employees have been complaining about their bosses, whether around the water cooler or over an after-work beer. Sadly, there is nothing ...

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    Posted by: Juliet P. d'Arguesse

    Tags: Social Media, Online, Privacy