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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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Festival of Media LatAm

  • The magic of Zumba: Alberto Perlman

    10 October 2013

    When I hear the words “workout” or “fitness”, I automatically tune out. But if I hear the word “Zumba”… Well that’s a whole other story; Latin music, dancing… that’s a party I will happily join!

    The story of Zumba is quite inspirational. Who would have imagined that it started out as a single Zumba class in a Latin America gym in 2001 and today it’s a global phenomenon.

    Zumba Fitness chief executive and co-founder Alberto Perlman was at The Festival of Media LatAm last month speaking in a session entitled ‘When a Brand Becomes a Lifestyle’. The team caught up ...

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    Posted by: Bloggers' Gallery

    Tags: Festival of Media LatAm, Branding

  • Infographic: The online video landscape in Latin America

    07 August 2013

    How do Latin Americans view online video?

    Having delved into the latest topics and trends across Latin America, we've created this infographic showing the online video landscape in LatAm.

    Check out this snapshot - but make sure to book your tickets for The Festival of Media LatAm to get the full story!

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Festival of Media LatAm, Video

  • Sneak Preview: Festival of Media LatAm 2013 agenda

    30 July 2013

    Q: What does an orchestra made out of discarded items from a landfill have in common with some of the most talked about brands in the world?

    A: They will all be at The Festival of Media LatAm 2013!

    This year’s Festival of Media LatAm, which takes place from September 25-27 in Miami, is bursting at the seams with unmissable speakers including Zumba Fitness chief executive Alberto Perlman, Visa head of marketing LAC Adrian Farina, Mondelez vice-president of global media Bonin Bough, Fox International Channels chief executive Hernan Lopez, Cisneros Group vice chairman Adriana Cisneros...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Festival of Media LatAm

  • Power to change

    14 October 2011

    “Sport has the power to change the world”…

    …These were the words of former Brazilian footballer and entrepreneur Raí Souza Oliveira, who was interviewed on stage at the Festival of Media in Miami on the final day of the conference.

    Sports can be leveraged to help young people in Latin America, through development and education, ultimately helping society. Oliveira sees the upcoming World Cup in Brazil as a good opportunity for brands to have a part of investment in the democratic part of sports activities. Brazil has a new objective and that is to educate the country, through the power ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Sports, Emerging Markets, Festival of Media LatAm

  • Latam’s new luxury

    14 October 2011

    MCF Consultoria’s Carlos Ferreirinha, Rudd Smeets founder and chief executive Elysiants and Diego Stecchi managing director, LatAm & Caribbean Salvatore Ferragamo took to the stage on day 2 at the Festival of Media LatAm to discuss Latin luxury.

    According to Ferreirinha the main talking point about luxury in LatAm is the shift in the distribution of luxury in Latin America. Previously Mexico and Brazil were considered to be weak markets for the luxury sector in the region where as now they are the epicenter. The young consumer demographic in the region makes it ideal for luxury marketers with the consumption ...

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    Posted by: Martina Lacey

    Tags: Emerging Markets, Festival of Media LatAm

  • Going forward...

    14 October 2011

    Arcos Dorados president and chief executive Woods Staton opened Day Two of the Festival of Media LatAm with an overview of how the Latin consumer has changed over the years, and in particular spoke about a huge new middle class coming on board in the region.

    He described Latin America as a “great part of the world to be in” for businesses and spoke about how its time has come both as a continent and a society – democracy has become a part of most countries now and entrepreneurship is becoming a big thing.

    “If you look at the political ...

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Emerging Markets, Festival of Media LatAm, Consumer insight

  • The 3 keys of digital storytelling

    13 October 2011

    “Digital is the best place for brands to bring their story to life,” said Microsoft Latin America general manager, consumer and online division, Lovina McMurchy on Day One at the Festival of Media LatAm.

    Microsoft's 3 keys to successful digital storytelling:

    Maximise your resources - providing the canvas for the next generation of brand advertising
    Expand your storytelling - through gaming experiences, sharing on Facebook
    Dare! - embrace mobile, gaming etc.

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Digital, Emerging Markets, Festival of Media LatAm

  • Capturing the value

    13 October 2011

    Fremantle Media Latin America senior vice-president of sales and new business development Jack Alfandary shares his top tips for branded entertainment at the Festival of Media LatAm:

    Brand knowledge
    Think outside the box, working with content creators and producers
    Concept development

    Translate brand positioning into content

    For updates from the Festival of Media LatAm in Miami follow the hashtag #fomla11 on Twitter.

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Emerging Markets, TV, Festival of Media LatAm, branded content

  • Agency flaws

    13 October 2011

    P&G's director of global brand entertainment Rich DelCore revealed five key problems that he identified in the relationship between P&G and its agencies.

    Not enough good ideas
    Moving too slowly
    Confusing messages
    Multiple competing messages
    A lack of 360 degree approach

    P&G has aimed to resolve the above via its Brand Agency Lead initiative.

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Agency/ client relationships, Business models, collaboration, Festival of Media LatAm

  • The power of connections

    13 October 2011

    Facebook Latin America vice-president Alexandre Hohagen stressed the importance of the power of connections in a panel session with fellow media giants LinkedIn and Twitter at the Festival of Media LatAm.

    “Facebook believes business will be better in a connected world,” he said. “We are seeing people connecting with things they think are important.”

    Hohagen urged delegates to go back to their companies and teams and consider the following:

    Are you really thinking about your strategy from a social perspective?
    How and why would consumers share these stories and create connections?

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    Posted by: Jenni Baker

    Tags: Online, Emerging Markets, Facebook, Festival of Media LatAm

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