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The Power of Now

Greg James, chief strategy and development officer for Havas Media explores the 'Power of Now' following Twitter’s talk at Cannes Lions.

One of the sessions that really resonated at Cannes Lions yesterday was Twitter’s vice president of data strategy, Chris Moody discussing the ‘Power of Now’.

Power can be quantified by the equation of energy over time. In the world of Twitter, this time factor translates as moments in people’s lives.

In order to harness the power of Twitter, we need to know which conversations are producing the most energy over the longest period of time. If I had to guess, I may have said it’s the cosmic events that explode across our timelines like a lightning bolt from the sky. But just like lightning, these moments are notoriously difficult to predict, impossible to harness and happen in the blink of an eye, before fading into nothing.

Take the furore surrounding #TheDress back in February. Who could have predicted that two people who disagreed over whether a dress was blue and black or in-fact, white and gold would be the catalyst for an online debate that peaked at 303,000 tweets an hour, before dwindling and dying out just a few days later (for the record, that dress was always white and gold).

If we look at the conversations that take place on Twitter about everyday fashion however, we can see that it’s more predictable - generating over two million tweets a day during the course of an average week, according to Moody.

So the powerful conversations that are producing the most energy over time are the ones we have every day and what’s great about this is that they’re predictable and therefore offer greater consumer insight into when people have these discussions.

According to Moody, we know that on average, nine million people discuss doing DIY over a 30-day period and the tweets peak mid-week before getting quieter over the weekend (presumably when people are actually doing the DIY they were tweeting about). We also know that over a similar 30-day period, people tweet about coffee 14 million times but in America this peaks at 9am whereas in Turkey, the peaks are at 2pm and then again at 8pm.

These everyday moments not only have more power to harness, they give us real consumer insights that allow us to influence brand purchase. To us ad agencies who are always looking for the explosive big idea, it may not appear as dramatic or creatively fulfilling, but by understanding when there’s a need for a product through the power of now, we can meet that need with targeted and personalised messaging.

This is what we’ve done in the past with Red Bull. Usually, Red Bull is associated with the lightning bolt moments of extreme sporting achievement or death defying acts of bravery. But when we focused on the guys sitting at their desks after a big night out, complaining that they were tired, we were able to cater for an everyday moment of true need and drive sales in an increasingly competitive energy drink market.

Twitter is an extremely powerful consumer insight tool because, as brands we’re seeing real people’s real feelings and expressions. That’s why we have to be authentic in our response. Only then will be able to harness the true power of now.

The Havas Socialyse Newsroom - Content by Cake, in partnership with NewsCred - will be located outside the Havas Cafe, in the gardens of the Grand Hotel on the famous Croisette. Visit or follow #HavasCafe. 



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  • kim cruz 09:41 14 March 2017
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