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M&M’s Blog goes behind the headlines to offer a running commentary on the business dynamics within the international media and marketing industry. The M&M editorial team joins forces with industry experts and local market heroes to balance a bird’s eye view of global trends with the importance of local insight.

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  • Programmatic The Disruptor: three steps needed to take brand marketing to the next level

    30 June 2015


    There’s no doubt about it, programmatic has been the biggest disruptor to media in the last 40 years.

    More importantly, programmatic is not only a disrupter, but an enabler. Programmatic makes it easier for brands to connect people with more relevant messages at the instant when they are most receptive to seeing them. This fact has not been ignored by marketers currently programmatic is experiencing major growth - in fact by the end of 2018, it is predicted that programmatic will account for 62% of all display spend globally.

    Traditionally, the practice has been based on direct response campaigns, ...

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  • Four steps to make your marketing campaign go global in style

    30 June 2015


    Brilliant global marketing campaigns succeed when brands understand the crucial role of implementation, writes Kevin Freedman, chief executive of Freedman International.

    Marketers love to create and set the strategy in motion but when the time comes to deliver the strategy globally, the results can get ugly.

    The complexity of making the big idea work across multiple markets and languages makes some people believe that the very concept of global marketing is a misnomer and it’s not practical to deliver multilingual brand campaigns.

    But the big ideas can be rolled out in style across borders if you spend as much ...

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  • The Power of Now

    23 June 2015

    Greg James, chief strategy and development officer for Havas Media explores the 'Power of Now' following Twitter’s talk at Cannes Lions.

    One of the sessions that really resonated at Cannes Lions yesterday was Twitter’s vice president of data strategy, Chris Moody discussing the ‘Power of Now’.

    Power can be quantified by the equation of energy over time. In the world of Twitter, this time factor translates as moments in people’s lives.

    In order to harness the power of Twitter, we need to know which conversations are producing the most energy over the longest period of time. If I had to ...

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  • Digital ‘first’ doesn’t mean digital ‘only’

    15 June 2015


    CNN International’s Petra Malenicka on being innovative in a digital world that still has plenty of appetite for traditional TV viewing.

    “Digital first” is a term that could be misunderstood as being anathema to international news networks which have spent decades building credentials and mass audiences through predominantly linear TV offerings. But new research out today makes interesting reading for media owners and advertisers who want to understand the multi-platform role of the world's biggest traditional media brands.

    Each year, the Ipsos Affluent Survey Europe results have media owners and any advertisers interested in reaching upmarket audiences poring over ...

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  • How brands can position themselves to appeal to Argentinians in one of South America’s most challenging yet rewarding markets

    10 June 2015

    Argentina is a market ripe for disruption. Covering over two million miles and with 24 distinct provinces, its differing geographies and climates mean that somewhere in the country at any one point, there are many opportunities for brands to engage with new audiences. Cultural hooks such as the nation’s love of football, asado barbeque, tango and local music provide a stage for occasion-based marketing campaigns whilst research shows that family is the most valued aspect of life, where friendship plays an important role for happiness. The impact of immigration in previous centuries generates a combined profile: figures from a survey ...

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  • Global social media measurement is entering the fourth era of evolution

    05 June 2015


    Andrzej Moyseowicz, founder and innovation partner at data-driven advocacy company Freemavens, explains the ‘fourth era’ of media measurement.

    Social media measurement, as everything should, has gone through an evolutionary process over time. But has it gone back to basics? Have we finally realised that listening to humans is more important than just looking at facts and figures?

    The first era, is the media era, where broadcast metrics dominate the perception of value when individuals engage with social content, from impressions to clicks.

    This era is characterised by numbers. Eyeballs. Impressions. It is an era of quantity rather than ...

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  • The power of communications

    02 June 2015


    Purpose is only part of the story for great brands, brilliant communications provide an impressive multiplier effect in growing brand value. Peter Walshe explains.

    Right now, a million marketers are trying to work out what their brand’s purpose is. That’s to be welcomed – although you have to wonder why they didn’t have one before.

    But while purpose is the obsession de jour, they mustn’t lose sight of the fact that great communications continue to be an essential part of the very best brand stories.

    Over the last 10 years of BrandZ, we’ve tracked brand values for some of ...

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  • How to get the most from programmatic video

    02 June 2015


    Despite the advantages it offers over traditional media buying, automated digital video advertising remains a mystery to many marketers. Guy Yalif, vice president global marketing at BrightRoll reveals how advertisers can get the most from programmatic video.

    Programmatic buying is arguably one of the biggest developments in the digital advertising space. Naturally, it’s drawing plenty of discussion in the advertising community around its perceived benefits to brands and agencies. Yet, despite being the Association of National Advertisers’ (ANA) marketing word of the year in 2014, more than half of marketers still don’t understand programmatic well enough to implement it....

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  • It's not just business - it's personal

    20 May 2015


    Mondays. They seem to come round quicker than ever.

    As we settle into our workday routines, I wonder how many of us have taken the opportunity to get some personal headspace over the weekend? We know that the idea of a nine to five working day has long flown out the window, so it will come as no surprise that the working week for many can now blur into our official days off.

    What might be more surprising is the fact that what might previously have been seen as an intrusion into our personal lives is now something that ...

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  • Outdoor advertising and programmatic execution: the perfect clash of established order and provocative upstart?

    15 May 2015


    Market-making cooperation is needed to create the trading infrastructure of the future, writes Mungo Knott, head of insight at Primesight.

    Making more sense of more data, more quickly and with less human interaction between the strategy and the display of the ad has been the driving mantra behind the rise of programmatic. It has bought the data crunchers and code writers out of the backroom and into the kitchen, as they are welcomed into the heart of the ad-media party.

    Yet outdoor advertising is structurally resistant to change. It is a medium which relies for the creation of around ...

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